Alpine Edelweiss

Official commemorative coin 2016
Alpine Edelweiss

  • The edelweiss, the Alpine symbol par excellence, has achieved cult status. Anyone bold enough to pick this rare and difficult-to-access flower for his beloved will certainly be rewarded. The highly coveted mountain flower belongs to the Asteraceae family. The star-shaped part with fuzzy, white 'petals' (technically, bracts) which is generally considered to be the flower is in actual fact not the flower, but a pseudanthium.
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Gottardo 2016

    Official commemorative coin 2016
    Gottardo 2016, North portal

  • The Opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel is scheduled for December 2016. It joins the north portal at Erstfeld to the south portal at Bodio. The tunnel consists of two 57-kilometres-long single-track tubes. Including all cross-passages, access tunnels and shafts, the total length of the tunnel system is over 152 km. The new silver coin shows the north portal in Erstfeld.
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150 years Swiss Red Cross

    Official commemorative coin 2015
    '2000 years of Aventicum'

  • Aventicum, the capital city of the Helvetii, whose territory once stretched over nearly all of the Swiss Plateau region, had almost 20,000 inhabitants in the third century AD. The city was constructed at the start of the first century AD, shortly after the territory of the Helvetii was annexed to the Roman Empire. Soon after coming to power in the year 69 AD, the Roman Emperor Vespasian gave Aventicum the status of a colony.
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    Official commemorative coin 2015

  • "Hornussen" is considered to be one of the three traditional Swiss national sports. In today's game, the player hits the "Hornuss" or puck with an elastic stick made from carbon fibre off the bock towards the "Ries" or opponent's field. The opposing team or "Abtuer" located there tries to stop the puck or "Hornuss" in flight by hitting it as soon as possible in the air with a shingle before the puck falls on the ground.
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Coin sets

    Coin sets

  • The annual sets of circulation coins consist of all coins that are legal tender, from the five-centime coin through to the five-franc coin. They also contain a bimetallic ten-franc commemorative coin. They are available in the categories Proof and brilliant uncirculated. The baby coin set and the Christmas coin set contain a medal.
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