50 years of Swiss women’s right to vote
Illusion – The Bridge of Life

    Official commemorative coin 2021

  • The expression "sly as a fox" is deeply rooted and the pointy-faced predators appear in many fables and fairy tales in the role of the clever and cunning animal. Foxes live almost everywhere, whether in warm North Africa or in cold Siberia, and they know exactly how best to find food even under difficult conditions.
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100 years of Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Swiss Firefighters

    Official commemorative coin 2020
    Susten Pass

  • The Susten Pass route was first documented at the beginning of the 17th century, but gained in importance from 1818 onwards, after it was converted into a navigable road – and also because Napoleon had seized control of the Simplon Pass, cutting off Bernese access to the trade route into northern Italy. In 1938, transport policy and national defence considerations prompted the Confederation to build a modern road through the pass. This was opened on 7 September 1946.
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Coin sets

    Coin sets

  • The annual sets of circulation coins consist of all coins that are legal tender, from the five-centime coin through to the five-franc coin. They also contain a bimetallic ten-franc commemorative coin. They are available in the categories Classic Proof and brilliant uncirculated. The baby coin set, the birthday coin set and the Christmas coin set contain a medal.
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