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Bimetallic coin Roe deer

With the commemorative coin "Roe deer" the Federal Mint Swissmint has started on 24 January 2019 the three-part "Swiss forest animals" series.

Its charm, graceful appearance and elegant stotting ensures the shy deer (Capreolus capreolus) a top place in the popularity ratings of native wild animals. But when a deer jumps high and far, it is usually fleeing and has no time to lose. This is how most of us know deer: very shy animals which flee, bolting high and far, at the slightest smell of danger. This is why watching deer grazing peacefully is always a remarkable experience. Roe deer are widespread in Switzerland, mainly in the Mittelland and the foothills of the Alps. The nocturnal animals usually inhabit the edges of woodland and clearings, but increasingly also open farmland. Adult roe deer measure between 93cm and 140cm, and have a shoulder height of between 54cm and 84cm. They weigh between 11kg and 34kg depending on their nutritional status. Roebucks have antlers, whereas female roe deer, or doe, do not. As ruminants, roe deer are exclusively herbivores that prefer high-energy and nutrient-rich plants.

Source: Wikipedia

The new 10-franc bimetallic coin designed by graphic artist and designer Naomi Andrea Giewald from Eastern Switzerland, is available in the qualities 'uncirculated' and 'proof' in a presentation case at our online-shop or from selected coin dealers and banks.

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Last update: 18.01.2019