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Silver coin Steamboat 'Uri'

Silver coin Steamboat 'Uri'

With the commemorative coin Steamboat 'Uri' the Federal Mint Swissmint has started on 4 May 2017 the new series "Swiss steamships".

What could be more pleasant than a trip on the legendary "Uri" on a warm summer's day. With the wind in your hair, and the constant, soothing reverberations of the engines and splashing of the paddles in your ears, you can feast your eyes on the picturesque – and in places wild and untamed – shores of Lake Lucerne. The "Uri", Switzerland's oldest paddle steamer and the oldest ship in the SGV company's fleet, embarked on its maiden voyage in 1901. The ship can take 800 passengers and offer both first- and second-class accommodation. The "Uri" is a classic example of a Sulzer paddle steamer, many of which were manufactured around the beginning of the twentieth century. They boast excellent handling in the water, stability in rough weather and fuel economy. The "Uri" is powered by an inclined 650 HP Sulzer two-cylinder condensing compound steam engine. Further information is available at
In honour of this floating monument, Swissmint has chosen the Uri to grace the first coin in its three-part "Swiss steamships" series. The 20-franc silver coin was designed by the naval painter Ueli Colombi. It is available in in the qualities 'uncirculated' and 'proof' in a presentation case at our online-shop or from selected coin dealers and some banks.

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Last update: 24.08.2017