Coin production flow sheet


Image Casting Casting
The coinage metal is cast in ingots or bars.
Image Rolling Rolling
The ingots are then rolled into strips.
Image Stamping out Stamping out
Blanks are stamped out of the sheet metal.
Image Rimming Rimming
The blanks are flattened until a smooth raised edge or rim is formed.


Minting tools

Image Sketch Sketch
The artist draws a sketch.
Image Plaster model 3D model
The sketch is used to create a virtual, 3D model.
Image Reducing Reducing
A CNC milling machine is used to transfer the coin-sized virtual effigy to a steel cylinder.
Image Engraving Engraving
The steel-positive die thus produced is subsequently reworked by an engraver.
Image Pressing Pressing
Afterwards, the steel-positive die is hardened and pressed with great force into a mild-steel model.
Image Hardening Hardening
The negative minting die thus produced is then turned into shape, hardened and chromium-plated.



Image Minting Minting
The circulation coins are continuously struck, the uncirculated reduced speed.
Preparing blanks for minting in proof quality
Image Annealing Annealing
The malleability of the blanks is enhanced by soft-annealing in a furnace.
Image Peen-finishing Peen-finishing
To achieve optimum surface quality, the minting blanks are subsequently pickled and peen-finished.
Image Washing Washing
The blanks are washed in order to remove any pickling and polishing-agent residues.
Image Individual minting Individual minting
The stain-free dried blanks are struck one by one.



Image Packing collector's coins Packing collector's coins
Commemorative coins in proof quality are packed by hand in elegant cases.
Image Dispatch Dispatch
Swissmint dispatches collector's coins to banks, coin dealers and private collectors.
Image Packing circulation coins Packing circulation coins
Circulation coins are automatically rolled in paper, packed in cardboard boxes and palletised.
Image Delivery Delivery
The pallets with the boxes of coins are delivered to the Swiss National Bank.
Image Distribution Distribution
The Swiss National Bank distributes circulation coins to post offices, banks, etc.


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