Coin Set "Birthday" 2023, multicoloured, Brilliant uncirculated

What can be more beautiful than giving a newborn or loved one an elegant gift of lasting value?

We have the perfect idea for you: the annual birthday coin set, which has been minted to make a lifetime companion. It makes the ideal gift for a special occasion and will bring much joy for years to come.

The cardboard presentation box comes in turquoise with depictions of the signs of the zodiac. The removable insert is in the same design as the presentation box and contains one circulation coin of each denomination plus the medal, sealed in a plastic case. The bi-colour medal made of base metal shows the tree of life and the constellations on one side, and the flower of life, the lettering SWISSMINT and the signs of the zodiac on the other. The cardboard presentation box also contains a specially designed card with a message to commemorate an unforgettable day. In addition, the person giving the gift can personalise the sleeve around the presentation box.

Legal face value: CHF 8.85
Alloy: Circulation coins: cupronickel and aluminium-bronze
Medal: cupronickel and aluminium-bronze
Mintage: Brilliant uncirculated: 2'000 units
Price: CHF 50

The 2023 Birthday Coin Set is available since 31 January 2023 at our online-shop or from selected coin dealers and banks.

Last modification 30.01.2023

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