Coin Set 2023, Brilliant uncirculated

In addition to the regular Swiss circulation coins, the annual coin set 2023 also features the 10-franc bimetal "Rosenlaui glacier" coin. The stunning design of the set not only appeals to collectors. These coins also make a stylish, yet timeless gift to mark anniversaries, and are perfect souvenirs of Switzerland.

Legal face value: CHF 18.85
Alloy: Circulation coins: cupronickel and aluminium-bronze
Bimetal coin: cupronickel and aluminium-bronze
Mintage: Brilliant uncirculated: 6'000 units
Price: CHF 45

The 2023 BU-Coin Set is available since 31 January 2023 at our online-shop or from selected coin dealers and banks.

Last modification 30.01.2023

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