Bimetallic coin "Rhone glacier"

To conclude the three-part series on the theme of "Swiss glaciers", Swissmint is launching the new bimetallic "Rhone glacier" coin on 11 January 2024.

The Rhone glacier, which at the time this coin was minted was 8 kilometres long and on average 2 kilometres wide, is located in the north-easternmost tip of the canton of Valais in the Goms. This valley glacier originates on the south-west side of the Dammastock massif at an altitude of approx. 3,600 metres. The first 2.5 kilometres of the glacier consists of a firn, the Eggfirn, which covers a height difference of over 600 metres. The Rhone glacier is connected to the Trift glacier via a small pass at an altitude of 3,081 metres. The headwaters of the Rhone, the river which flows into the Mediterranean, are also located at the Rhone glacier. The glacier is easy to reach from the Furka Pass. The ice cave, which has been dug into the glacier since 1870 and allows you to visit the inside of the glacier, is located just below the Furka Pass. Like most Alpine glaciers, the Rhone glacier has retreated quite a bit over the last few centuries.

The Rhone glacier is depicted on the obverse and the denomination of CHF 10 appears on the reverse of the special coin.

Legal face value: CHF 10


Cupronickel and aluminium-bronze
Diameter: 33 mm
Weight: 15 g
Mintage: Uncirculated: 5,000 units
Proof in presentation case: 2,250 units
Proof in presentation case with certificate from the artist: 250 units*
Prices: Uncirculated: CHF 20
Proof in presentation case: CHF 55
Proof in presentation case with certificate from the artist: CHF 70*
*limited to one piece per household

The new 10-franc bimetal coin designed by Swissmint's engraver Remo Mascherini, is available for purchase in the qualities 'uncirculated', 'proof' in a presentation case and ‘proof’ with a certificate from the artist at our online-shop or from selected coin dealers and banks.

Last modification 09.01.2024

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