+++ Issue date for "Solar energy" coin postponed again +++

Swissmint is changing. Not just in terms of its marketing and sales, but also in the technological domain. We are striving to implement the changes while continuing with business as usual, and we are making every effort to meet all deadlines and customer wishes.

Information on the technologies we use

Based on current debate, safety at work and staff health considerations, Swissmint has decided to replace the electroplating of dies with a new technology, physical vapour deposition (PVD).

Coating the embossing tools helps to prolong the life of the dies. It also improves the flow behaviour of the material being struck.

The old electroplating technique released chromium(IV) oxide, which can pose a health hazard.

The advantages of the new PVD technology largely outweigh those of the old electroplating technique; nonetheless, the change has presented Swissmint with considerable challenges.

The new coating allows us to depict more detail on the coins, as the coating is only 2 micrometres (µm) thick, as opposed to 6µm previously. But it is precisely this level of detail which poses problems, as it makes it virtually impossible to achieve a perfectly polished finish on coins produced in proof quality. The tiniest irregularities, which were previously covered by the coating, are now visible. This means that the upstream processes need to be adapted to the new coating technology.

"Solar energy" issue date

Because of the improvements being made in technological processes and tool manufacture, we are obliged to postpone the issue date for the "Solar energy" silver coin from 21 June to 21 July 2022.

This issue is not included in the subscription. It can be ordered online at and with the order form.

Heads or tails

The customer magazine "Heads or tails" was discontinued at the end of 2021. It will be replaced by a new magazine during the course of this year.


Contrary to rumours, there will be no further pieces minted of the platinum coin "Platinum". The mintage of 999 pieces is fixed and nothing will change!

Last modification 02.06.2022

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