Minting programme

Determining the mintage

The number of circulation coins to be minted is determined annually by the Federal Department of Finance in mutual agreement with the Swiss National Bank. In the year 2022, for example, 21 million coins were minted. As a rule, the mintage for a given year is specified in line with the anticipated volume of monetary transactions. Swissmint delivers the newly minted coins to the Swiss National Bank, which serves the Swiss Federation in the capacity of Central Coin Exchange Office. The Swiss National Bank distributes the coins into the channels of banking and commerce while, at the same time, withdrawing worn or outdated coins from circulation. At present, the overall volume of circulation coins amounts to 6,159 billion pieces, or the equivalent of 3,442 billion Swiss francs, weighing 22’252 tonnes.

Current minting programme

Last modification 11.01.2023

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