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Swissmint commemorative coins – reflecting the distinctiveness of Switzerland

Since 1936, the Swiss Confederation has been issuing commemorative coins to mark significant historical and cultural events, or to honour outstanding personalities. Tribute is also paid to typical aspects of Swiss cultural life.

True to tradition, commemorative coins are the work of Swiss artists. Swissmint commissions the design of new coins and also organises design competitions.

These special-issue coins bear a legal face value and are minted in limited editions. They are available in the qualities proof and uncirculated (platinum and gold coins in proof only) ‒ as collectors' pieces in their own right or as an exquisite gift.

Trial minting of commemorative coins

Annual circulation coin sets

Annual circulation coin sets comprise all currently circulated denominations from the 5-centimes piece to the 5-franc piece. These coin sets additionally include a bimetal commemorative coin bearing a legal face value of 10 Swiss francs. The annual circulation coin sets are available in the minting qualities brilliant uncirculated and proof.

Münzsatz Stempelglanz
Coin set
brilliant uncirculated
Münzsatz Polierte Platte
Coin set

Technical data

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