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Welcome to our Swissmint website. The minting of coins is a craft dating back thousands of years. Much historical knowledge has been and continues to be gleaned from ancient coins. It is good that even in today’s electronic age, coins still have a reason for their existence and that they will in turn bear witness to our times at some date in the future.

Nevertheless, we want to take advantage of the current developments, both in the field of coin production by using the latest production technologies and in communication with our presence on the global network. Besides our official Swissmint website, we give you the opportunity to experience the world around Swiss coins on our special coin website. We are happy about every order through our webshop, www.swissmintshop.ch.

You can also discover the stories of the coins physically in our free customer magazine "Sondermünzen".

On behalf of Swissmint's employees, I hope that you greatly enjoy browsing our website and viewing the coins of Switzerland.

Best wishes

Ronnie Mocker
Managing Director

Last modification 11.05.2023

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