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Geschäftsleiter der Swissmint, Marius Haldimann
Marius Haldimann

Dear Visitor

Welcome to our Swissmint website. The minting of coins is a craft dating back thousands of years. Much historical knowledge has been and continues to be gleaned from ancient coins. It is good that even in today’s electronic age, coins still have a reason for their existence and that they will in turn bear witness to our times at some date in the future.

Nevertheless, we too want to make the most of the latest developments both in the area of coin minting, through the use of state-of-the-art production facilities, as well as in communication, through our presence on the global web. I am convinced that during your virtual visit, you will learn a great deal of informative and interesting facts about our mint and products. Besides the presentation of our new coin issues and how they can be purchased in the Swissmintshop, we would also like to tell you about the historical development of our coinage together with the legal background. I hope that in this way we can help to make you a little more familiar with Swissmint. With that aim in mind, I would particularly recommend to you the section “The money factory” under the heading "The production of coins". It will give you a great insight into what is involved in our activities. This should also compensate for the fact that we are regrettably unable to offer guided tours.

Our free customer magazine Heads or tails provides you with exclusive information on our latest products. For a free subscription, send us an e-mail with your address.

On behalf of Swissmint's employees, I hope that you greatly enjoy browsing our website and viewing the coins of Switzerland.

Best wishes

Marius Haldimann
Managing Director

Last modification 03.06.2021

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