Vision and Mission


We bring a piece of Swiss minting tradition to the global world.


Swissmint produces coins as a traditional Swiss company. The focus here is on supplying the Swiss market with circulation coins for daily payment transactions as needed. At the same time, Swissmint produces collector and investment coins in precious and base metals. Every day, we meet the challenge of minting our coins to the highest standards in terms of quality, economic efficiency and sustainability. We gladly undertake these efforts so that our customers can trust that our coins are accepted as a secure means of payment and our collector coins retain their value over time. We are committed to using all of the required resources sparingly and in a targeted manner.

Guiding principles

To fully meet its customer's high quality requirements, Swissmint pursues the following principles:

1.1 Customer focus

We at Swissmint always take our customers' needs seriously and are guided by them. Wherever possible, we endeavour to exceed their needs with our products and services.

1.2 Management

Management sees itself as the link between all interested parties and Swissmint. It sets objectives based on this that are pursued by all of its staff. The right resources, required training and necessary leeway are made available to its employees.

1.3 Employee involvement and right to participate

Swissmint's employees are the drivers of its expertise. They have the right to participate; they can and should incorporate their own suggestions and propose improvements wherever possible. They are responsible for fulfilling the objectives set. Their full involvement enables their skills to be exploited to the benefit of the organisation, which ultimately translates into innovation.

1.4 Process orientation

All activities at Swissmint are seen as a process and are worked through accordingly. The processes are described where necessary and are put into practice and continuously improved by its employees.

1.5 Continuous improvement

We see the constant improvement of all services as a main objective. This also means being able to react swiftly and flexibly to changes.

1.6 Decision-making based on fact

All decisions are always taken based on the data and information available at the time. The resultant measures are critically evaluated and corrected if necessary.

1.7 Supplier relationships of mutual benefit

Swissmint enjoys an interdependent relationship with its suppliers. This relationship should contribute to mutual benefit.

1.8 Environmental protection

Our lives are shaped by the environment. A healthy environment is an essential foundation for wellbeing and quality of life today and in the future. We have to take care of the environment.

  • Participates in the RUMBA (resource and environmental management) programme
  • Attaches great importance to procuring materials in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Ensures the responsible use of natural resources
  • Uses technologies and processes which conserve resources
  • Reduces emissions and waste as far as possible
  • Recycles re-usable materials
  • Disposes of unavoidable waste in an environmentally-friendly manner

1.9 Health and safety in the workplace

The health, safety and well-being of its employees is extremely important to Swissmint.

  • cares for the health of its employees.
  • creates healthy conditions and supports pro-health employment relationships.
  • ensures a healthy and safe workplace with appropriate resources. The resources required are made available on time.
  • sets annual objectives based on problem analysis (hazard identification, risk analysis, accident statistics, new legal basis/regulations, etc.).
  • raises awareness among employees of health and safety in the workplace, encourages their personal responsibility and develops a health and safety culture.
  • checks the quality standard of health and safety in the workplace by means of internal and, where necessary, external audits.
  • counts on its employees' personal responsibility

Last modification 25.05.2021

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