Regalian right to mint coins and coin regime

Important legal provisions at a glance

Article 99 Paragraph 1 of the Federal Constitution states:

Money and currency are a federal matter. The Confederation shall have the exclusive right to coin money and to issue bank notes.

All important provisions concerning the issue and circulation of coins on the other hand is summarised in the section Coin ordinance of the Federal Law on Currency and Payment Instruments dated 22 December 1999. Here are the most important rules:

Art. 4 Issue of circulation coins

1The Federal Government may operate a federal mint.

2The Federal Government mints and issues circulation coins for the needs of the payment system.

3The Federal Council decides which circulation coins to mint, to put into or withdraw from circulation.

4The Federal Council determines the images and properties of the circulation coins. It determines their nominal values in consultation with the Swiss National Bank.

5It regulates the exchange of coins through the public coffers of the Federal Government and the elimination of damaged, unsightly and forged coins.

Art. 5 Coin circulation

1The National Bank supplies the payment system with the circulation coins required and takes back the redundant coins with no restriction against reimbursement of the nominal value.


3No replacements will be issued for destroyed, lost or forged coins.

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